Body 2 Body Massage

Would you like to be pampered? And we don't mean that we have to dive straight between your legs, but a nice, slippery, horny body-to-body massage!

The happy ending is optional.

“Body to body massage, the most exciting of its kind.”









What You Get With a body to body massage

We offer professional body 2 body massages experiences tailored to our individual clients.

With a body 2 body massage we take care of it. Our masseuse uses her entire body to massage you. It starts with your hands. The ladies smear themselves with massage oil and knead you until you are completely excited.

She then continues with your buttocks, elbows and chest. Whatever comes to her mind. This intimate massage is mainly done as foreplay. It is simply too delicious and too exciting not to reach the climax together after a body 2 body.

body 2 body massage

Body to body massage is about experimenting with different positions, one up and one down, sideways, on your back or with your head towards the other person's feet and vice versa. The masseuse applies pressure with her buttocks, her sex, arms and legs. Nothing is to crazy. Dare to try and don't forget to enjoy.

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Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life.

Body to Body Massages

A wide range of massages from classic to the erotic option

Oil & Aroma

Experience a fully oiled up massage.


Try any body 2 body massage and it will feel so good.

Body 2 Body

The ultimate luxuriously healing experience from the world.


Relax and focus on yourself and your climax.

Hot Stone

Heated massage stones comfort + radiate warmth.


Prices for a body to body massage start at €140.


60 minutes of erotic massage paired with relaxation

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