Sensual massage

During a sensual massage, a range of techniques are employed to promote relaxation, pleasure, and intimacy.

It's essential to understand that the nature of a sensual massage can vary significantly based on personal preferences and boundaries.

Also given that it's a highly individualized and subjective experience

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What You Get With A Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is a massage in which first of all a normal body massage is done and slowly.

Then slowly we focus on the privaties of the client. privaties means private parts. It will definitely be a soft touch massage followed by rich aroma and powerful sexual music to make the environment so that the client feels good and gets a feeling.

When the normal body massage is finished , slowly the focus comes towards the erotic and nipples area and the massure tries to make it arouse and harden the nipple to get the feeling.

More lube is applied to the penis and shaken a bit to get the sexual feeling. At the same time, nipples are also touched soften and tried to make it erect.

Amsterdam Sensual Massage

After the same thing is to be continued for a while, massaging nipples, breast and the penis in one go the speed increases and if the client is comfortable in inserting the fingues in his ass, that is possible too.

That too will be done sofly. Thers no hurry to be done. As the name suggests sensual massage, it itself means that the massage is to be done peacefully and gently till the client gets full satisfaction.

Now for female clients, generally, breast massage and nipple stimulation will give her full relaxation and clitoris hood massage as well.

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Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life.

Sensual Massages

A wide range of sensual massages available


The environment is typically carefully crafted to be comfortable, soothing, and conducive to relaxation. .

Sensual Stimulation

he giver usually initiates with gentle, non-sexual touches aimed at helping the receiver relax.


The ultimate luxuriously sensual experience from the world.


As the massage progresses, the giver may gradually introduce more sensual and intimate touches.

Body to body contact

In certain instances, the giver may employ their own body to create additional sensations.


A sensual massage starts at €140 an hour.


a minimum of 60 minutes of sensual massage is included.

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