Tantra Massage

Most of the people immediately think of sex when they think of a tantra massage.

Although a tantra massage does use sexual energy, it is not all about sex.

But at our massage service you can always climax on a meeting if you want.

“Great tantra service and they had everything I needed.”

Michael Hanssen

Satiesfied client









What You Get With a Tantra Massage

The tantra massage is about the life energy that flows, not about sex or being naked. Ejaculating is therefore not (per se) part of a tantra massage. A tantra massage is not about discharging, but rather about charging with sexual energy. Of course a sexual climax can be booked with a tantra massage.

Sexual energy, especially if you hold it for a long time and do not discharge it with an orgasm, can take you to a higher, ecstatic state of being. In addition, blockages can be removed during a massage, because the energy will flow through your system for a longer period of time. According to classical tantra and neotantra – the contemporary Western variant – sexual energy is life energy, a kind of primal force. It is a gateway to spiritual awakening.

Tantra Massage Amsterdam

During the massage, the tantra masseur lovingly massages every millimeter of the body with heated oil. No spot is avoided and the intention is that these movements not only trigger something in you physically, but also have an emotional impact.

A tantra massage releases feelings of pleasure, wonder, sadness, shame, fear or pain in you. The massage is a means to feel more deeply and thereby heal. Many people with sexual blockages cannot get to the core. Feelings are often buried deeply. The masseuse can release these feelings, causing the energy to flow.

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Treat yourself to most relaxing Tantra hour of your life.

Tantra Massages

A wide range of massages from Tantra to Erotic.

Sexual healing

the lingam and the yoni ancient gateways to your higher self and higher consciousness.


Our service in mainly in Amsterdam but can be booked everywhere.


The ultimate luxuriously healing experience from the world.


The purpose of these massages is to generate powerful energy that causes life energy to flow.

Loving touch

A tantric massage is a loving touch full of attention and presence, without a standard form and predetermined result. .


Tantra massages start with €140 an hour


A minimum of 60 minutes of Tantra massage is included.

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